The Effects of Nitrogen Influxes on the Photosynthesis and Growth Rates of Air Potato

September 2020 by Vraj Parikh

Researched how fertilizer significantly increased initial photosynthetic rate, while plant health did not significantly affect growth rate or photosynthetic rate.

Closing the Gender Gap in STEM

September 2020 by Karis Lu and Karen Shamir

Examined the causes, effects, and ways to address growing gender disparities in STEM education. (Brought to you by our STEM & Gems coordinators!)

Waterproofing Wax from Wasted Crop Remnants

May 2020 by Ashna Patel

Employed local agricultural crop wastes to increase the water resistance of cotton and canvas in regions with growing refugee populations and changing weather patterns.

The Youth E-cigarette "Epidemic"

March 2020 by Victoria Ren

Analyzed the 2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) dataset to assess the prevalence of E-cigarettes usage among youth in the United States and factors associated with this, including demographics (age, gender, grade, race, and ethnicity), reasons for usage, advertising influence, peer influence, and the pattern/quantity of usage.


October 2019 by Eric Wang

Discussed education through the lenses of its purpose, common complaints, intuition and algorithmic thinking, problems and exercises, and, most importantly, solutions.

3 Broken Computers Can Make 2 Good Ones

June 2020 by Aizah Kamal, Peterson Yook, Izzie Glinoga, Saniya Divekar, and Talon Xing

Researched ways to approach the socioeconomic digital divide to specifically make more prevalent (yet expensive) technology more accessible by addressing necessity, funding, and project sustainability.

Avoid Modern Redlining

June 2020 by Alinda Kong, Aditi Motha, Anjali Pitani, and Megan Kang

Presented research on facets of the digital divide stemming from lack of equality, economic means, and accessibility, including a multi-step proposal for tackling the awareness and educational aspects of the issue.

ReadOn: #STEMinism

June 2020 by Rebekah Rest, Eliza Toomey, and Ashna Patel

Raised awareness on gender inequalities in the STEM field and how to address the issue at one of its roots: how STEM curriculum and careers are presented to young girls via textbooks.

Bridging the Disparity of Access to High-Speed Internet

June 2020 by Shriya Sane, Rhea Punjabi, Avni Khandelwal, and Megumi Kawabe

Explored how socioeconomics affects the digital divide in regards to internet access, as well as the plethora of implications it holds for students and low-income workers alike.

Technology for Life

June 2020 by Aayushi Vardhan, Thomas Wang, Eliza Toomey, and Rithika Uppu

Prepared a presentation planning a four-step process to addressing lack of hardware access and education alike by engaging students and professional volunteers.

The Digital Divide through Ethnic and Socioeconomic Lenses

June 2020 by Claire Chao, Arnav Patel, and Himanshu Setya

Studied how ethnicity and socioeconomics plays into the digital divide and methods to bridge the gap starting with education and students.

The Socioeconomics Behind the Digital Divide

June 2020 by Kelly Tang, Siddh Kapil, Prakhar Kiran, and Shuchir Jaing

Examined the causes and effects of the socioeconomic digital divide and proposed various initiatives as solutions, including governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and technological corporations.

The Ethnic Digital Divide

June 2020 by Trisha Roy, Ray Zeng, Jahnavi Srinivas, and Lindey Glinoga

Researched and pitched a community awareness campaign to make STEM fields more inclusive, accessible, and equitable to racial and ethnic minorities across the country.

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