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Our week-long STEM & Buds summer camps are open to all elementary and middle school students. We focus on personalized growth at the intersection of science and civics through individualized project creation, small-group interdisciplinary STEM challenges, one-on-one peer mentorship, and direct discussions with industry leaders---all the while building a lasting, supportive community. In 2020, STEM & Buds hosted four online programs; in 2019, we held 2 in-person camps. Use the links below to join us for our 2021 camps!

Why Participate

STEM & Buds summer camps are open to all kids in grades 6-8!

Gain a one-of-a-kind, personalized educational experience

Collaborate with peers and make new friends

Learn the fundamentals of civics science and social impact

Create a project that reflects your identity and interest

Grow more confident in your throughts and ideas

Have fun via a cost-free learning opportunity!

Why Participate
Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer

STEM & Buds volunteering is open to all students grades 9-12!

Give back to your community

Become friends with your students and fellow mentors alike

Build your college resume and earn volunteer hours

Develop leadership, mentorship, and organizational skills

Spend your summer in a productive and rewarding way

Join a network of motivated high school students across the nation

2021 Camp Sessions

East Coast
East Coast Session 1PittsburghOnlineJuly 19 - July 239 AM - 3 PM EST
East Coast Session 2PittsburghOnlineJuly 26 - July 309 AM - 3 PM EST
West Coast

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